Almuten figuris astrology

This is a group for anyone interested in studying the fundamental building blocks of traditional Astrology. Gain insight into your motivations, timing and life patterns as well as exploring the connection between the cycles of the planets and that of human activity and consciousness, to open up whole new vistas.

Catholic Conjure Work: Saints and Spirits: Almuten Figuris and Guardian Angel.

Tonight we will look at the Almuten figuris, the strongest planet in the chart when all essential dignities are considered. We will be considering a whole range of essential dignities - exaltation, triplicity, term and face, not just rulership by sign, and a point scoring technique proposed by Robert Zoller to calculate and determine the almuten or strength of any given point.

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Skip to content. Canberra Astrology Meetup. Canberra, Australia. Organized by Julianne. With his Jupiter, we have something in between the two readings for Jupiter.

Jupiter is conjunct two fixed stars, Arcturus and Spica. Lilly doesn't mention Arcturus but Bernadette Brady links it to 'a different approach'. Lilly links Spica to a 'sweet disposition' diligent in attaining Arts and sciences, Spica is pushing Jupiter towards the well dignified readidng. Mars - Mars is by some distance the worst dignified. So we look at the 'ill dignified reading - 'quarrelsome, rash and headstrong, bloody minded, unshamefaced, impudent is provoking but timerous when it comes to action, an author of dissension, tumults and sedition. Lilly says that according to the ancients with the significators in Libra we get 'one inconstant, crafty, conceited of his own parts things he does.

He does not comment on that so we can't be sure he agrees. Like all other Astrologers of his time Lilly tries to identify the physical characteristics from the horoscope. Liily is aware that this won't work universally - he recognises ethnic characteristics will make readings different from person to person.

However in Lilly's time in England, it wasn't the problem that it would be today. So how far Lilly would modify his views I'm not sure. For the Libra Ascendant he identifies a person of moderate to tall stature - Venus gives a man of fair but not tall stature, white , large fair hair, lovely light brown eyes, , lovely mouth, dimple in his cheek and full of amorous enticements.

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This will be modified by Mars, which would add a little more yellow to the hair, perhaps a slightly larger frame than for Venus' large sharp and piercing eyes, It perhaps lightens his eye colour, towards grey, the face is a bit more oval than for Venus. Occidental Jupiter rising after the Sun inclines the hair to a dark flaxen.

Now Lilly read corporature and looks day in day out so he would be a lot better than me at identifying the balance here, but hopefully you get the idea. I want to move on a little but before I do just a short note on other significators that might be looked for. I would take this as the Sun for Bill. Some authorities took it as a contributor to temperament. It's a complex calculation which takes into account the previous lunation and the planetary day and hour rulers along with a number of other more obvious factors, such as the Almuten for each planet.

Ezra said 'The most powerful testimony of all is that planet having dominion over the entire chart, which the Saracens called the Almuten, It's testimony is equally as powerful as all the other planets taken together' 'The Almuten Figuris represents the power that dominates the life of an individual' For Bll Clinton the Almuten of the Chart is Saturn - Bill has a lot more weight than he seems to have on first sight. The last significator I'll mention is the 'Hyleg' or 'Apheta'. This is the planet or point 'considered to have the greatest influence upon vitality and thus known as "the giver of life".

It was used in the calculation of the length of life, and directions or contacts between the hyleg and destructive planets or places Anareta were used to mark periods where life was endangered. I'm not going to make an estimate of when Bill Clinton will die, for two reasons, firstly I feel intuitively that modern medicine influences such circumstances quite dramatically and secondly because I'm not good enough to do the calculation properly. There are several ways of calculating the hyleg, but the three methods used by Solar Fire come up with a single answer - The Sun.

Most methods are looking for planets above the horizon and consider the houses in a set order to examine the planets in them. My next post tomorrow will look at how the rest of the chart was read and following that some comments on the Lots or Parts, When that's completed we can begin to look at predictions.

Calculating Almutens

It's clear that the origin was in Greek practice but mushroomed during the Arab period. Most of those later Parts were of dubious if not specious value. The Lots or Parts were the mid points of their day, and had Dave been operating in 3rd Century Alexandria much warmer than MA he would have been advising students to consult the lots as an essential part of their chart analysis and the Hellenistic lots certainly seem to yield a lot of useful information to the Astrologer.

Who’s In Charge? Disposition and the Almuten Figuris

The one Part that we all know is the Part of Fortune. Most Astrological software puts this in place as a matter of course. The two parts relate to reciprocal bits of our lives, the Part of Fortune relates to the turning of the wheel of Fortune and the Part of Spirit how we make our choices and initiate activity. The Part of Spirit is at 11 degrees 12 minutes of Capricorn. As a point the Part of Fortune is passive but the ruler of the planet is the one that influences fortune.

As we have seen Mercury is in the tenth joined to Saturn who is the triplicity ruler for the Part of Fortune. Mercury is not wonderfully dignified, so Bill is not going to be extremely luck in life, but Mercury is sextile the Ascendant, in the tenth and in Antiscion to the Moon. Mercury has a lot of good connections. So Bill may get his luck from his connections.

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In Capricorn the sign ruler is Saturn, with Mars in exaltation and Mars also has dignity by Face, taking it up to the same point count as Saturn. Saturn and Mars rule the Part of Spirit. Saturn is moderately debilitated and Mars is very debilitated but both are in angular houses despite Saturn being a little out of sign. Interestingly Saturn is the Fourth House ruler, his home and family and Mars is the Seventh House ruler so Home, family and wife are the mechanisms that Bill uses to influence events and the course of his life.

This influence may not always be to his best advantage. There is a lot more than could be done with these parts, the Greeks often erected a system of houses or places that were measured from a Part or planet. So we might look at how Hilary as Bill's wife effects his luck in more detail, counting her significator as the ruler of the seventh place from the Part of Fortune.

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The Greeks used whole signs and if we take the Part of Fortune to it's nearest degree as 0 Cancer, then the place of the wife is the seventh sign from there Capricorn! The loophole in Bill's luck is his wife! Well I'll look as some more Lots next, ones that are not used at all these days. That post will be either Sunday or Monday. All these were used by the Greeks, as will be those in the next post, This means that you will find some differences in approach from that of Lilly and Morin, as we are going back some years or more before their time.

The non-hermetic lot is the Lot of Exaltaton. To calculate this for a Day chart we need to calculate the distance of the Sun from its exaltation degree 19 Aries and add the result to the degree of the Ascendant. Venus is strong in essential dignity. For a strong chart we would also need strong rulers of Fortune and Spirit.

For Fortune the Greeks would probably have rounded it to 0 Cancer, and it is thus ruled by the exalted Moon. Spirit is ruled by the not so strong Saturn. So it looks like Bill has a strong chart.

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The other three use the Lot of Fortune and have to do with circumstances dealt by forces outside his control. Interestingly the first two are ruled by Saturn, the remaining three are ruled by Mercury Courage and Nemesis and the last one, Necessity, is ruled by the Sun. We present on this site the results of our research on the links between the constitutional typology as presented in traditional medicines Chinese, Ayurvedic, Hippocratic and astrology.

In particular we found that what the elders called The Almuten figuris , the highest figure, or more modern, the planetary dominant is statistically correlated with the constitutional type of the individual. The ancient astrologers of the Greek and medieval tradition all accorded a major importance to the Almuten. We entered astrology through the constitutional typology and we were able to establish this link between dominant and type because we already have a method of decoding the type independent of astrology.

Almuten figuris astrology
Almuten figuris astrology
Almuten figuris astrology
Almuten figuris astrology
Almuten figuris astrology
Almuten figuris astrology
Almuten figuris astrology
Almuten figuris astrology

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