Aries psychic tarot reading for february 2020 by pam georgel

Dec 23, 8. Dec 23, 9. Dec 23, Last edited: Dec 23, Thanks x 6. To be fair, you can't really expect a lot from general readings, because they're reading for an entire group of people.

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But these readers want too much for personal readings. It's really annoying. She hasn't been on youtube in months lol.

Thanks x 2. I'm looking for a tarot reader whom I can't seem to find anymore. She was afro latina with strong latina accent, very cut to the chase. She was very accurate for me but i can't remember her name at all, and can't seem to find her on youtube. I stopped watching cups of tarot because she doesn't elaborate and put the cards together in a story.

She just defines each card. She seems like she needs a teacher to guide her on how to see the story that the cards are revealing. Does anyone watch shango rai, or jamizebra23?

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I like Pamela Georgel. She is so calm. There is another guy that I like.

Aries Psychic Tarot Reading February 2019 by Pam Georgel

His name is Nicholas Ashbaugh. I like this lady! Thanks x 2 Hugs! Dec 24, Thanks x 1. Dec 26, Just got finished watched Tyler's Tarot. His video literally just brought my whole energy level down several notches Thanks x 8 Disagree! This is why journaling will be very important and helpful. Take the approach of - where you would like to see your life in 5 years, and get started paving the path way to those goals, both on a professional and personal level, as the energies over the next 3 months will be greatly supporting your goals, dreams, visions and efforts.

In love and light! Hi and Good Morning to all!

Taurusfullmoon f Good morning and happy Saturday! This may become evident to you through what is getting played out in your dreams, or in flashes of insight and light - bulb moments. Anything that comes across to you as useless information right now, you may find yourself discarding it quickly, as your ability to separate the Some of you may experience someone come out of the blue and surprise you with something unexpected they say to you, or the person them self may be unexpected as well. Doing things backwards or in an opposite manner may actually turn out the best ways to get tedious tasks done now, or you may notice you start to tackle work projects from a different angles or directions than you normally would.

This seems to work out well.

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Desiring or reaching For your goals is indicated. Wanting to take work, business, or creative projects to a higher level may be a strong motivation for many this week, and going forward this month. Some of you may make deals or arrangements that are subject to change. Some of you may feel like your life is starting to go through a period of reinvention and change. This can be work related, but for some it is involving personal transformations such as health or outward appearance.

Love relationships may seem a bit elusive now, and this is not the best time to make any firm or long lasting decisions about love relationships. Things in that area will more likely to get settled and were sorted out in January. Look at the apropos card I got today! Speak up with love, and be heard. My Guides and Mercury say: "What is it that's been festering inside you? You will learn some important information in the coming weeks. Many will have a decis Having patience is paramount at this time. Communication is important, but without patience and good consciousness of thought, it may sound like emoting and rambling, which will not express what you truly want to say, and make you appear to others as off base - or unhinged.

Diplomacy and tact are key.

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Keep statements that carry a heavy weight short, direct, and to the point. Too much expansion will not carry the importance you would like your communication to express. Some of you may need some down time to sort out your thoughts and feelings, and to ponder what exactly you wish to convey.

Less is more in a way, when stating your position and feelings. Also be aware, there may be those whom you are communicating with, who may try to trip you up with double talk, or try to play the victim, and make you feel as if you're guilty of some offense to them. This is often standard procedure with some people who are not good at owning up to their mistakes, and would rather put the blame back on to you or elsewhere. You will find some people will be more amenable toward the end of this month, even though Mercury is in retrograde. But it might be wise to have important conversations are round or after the 12th of December.

This may be a time where you feel as if you're spinning your wheels. Don't worry this will pass, as it is transitory. Some of you You will be kind of like a teacher or in an instructing role in some manner, now and over the course of the next 4 to 5 days. You may also find yourself sorting out problems, mysteries, and gaining clues for some things going on in your life or for others. There will be a paradigm shift, and you'll see someone fall out of favor, and get taken down a notch or two in the coming 6 weeks.

The cosmos is urging you to broaden your scope and horizons through reading, attending lectures, seminars, taking classes, or doing some research and study now. This will give you more confidence and knowledge, and help you get a leg up in the future to attain something you desire or seek. Self realization is high right now, and you will be gaining insight on things you need to change such as health, or diet regimes, or work methods and practices, and for some of you this can also be on a more social level.

Love partners may clash right now, so it's wise to keep things low key with your partner as this is a passing phase, and not the best time to get into major debates over money, or living conditions or situations at this time. Love is on the horizon for many, but December is a stronger time for that, as is also the month of June Good morning and happy Nov 3rd! Eating foods that connect strongly with the Earth energy such as almonds, walnuts, cranberries, and any vegetables that you like will be helpful.

Gardening and also looking at plants inside an arboretum will also bring you more of a sense of peace and calm. Your energy may be fee You may find yourself needing more rest now and over the course of the next 2 weeks. Things are shifting in the cosmos and many are already feeling the effects from the upcoming eclipses in December and January.

This High Priestess is telling you to remain calm in disruptive situations, and if you have to sign any contracts or agreements of any kind, make sure you're reading it thoroughly, especially the fine print. It may require you to take a step back from to find that grounding center, peace and calm, and see new perspectives more easily and clearly.

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Aries psychic tarot reading for february 2020 by pam georgel
Aries psychic tarot reading for february 2020 by pam georgel
Aries psychic tarot reading for february 2020 by pam georgel
Aries psychic tarot reading for february 2020 by pam georgel
Aries psychic tarot reading for february 2020 by pam georgel
Aries psychic tarot reading for february 2020 by pam georgel

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