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Jupiter in the 1 st or 5 th or 9 th or 11 th. Jupiter in the 3 rd or 7 th or 9 th or 11 th. In other words, if an ordinary significator happens to aspect the house that represents the same person or life theme then it becomes elevated to primary significator status. Sensitive points for specific Ascendants. For the indicated rising sign, each of the planets below is both the significator of and house ruler for a specific person. This article also gives several examples of applying this principle.

The ruler of houses aspecting or occupying their own house. This is again Ascendant based. The table on the next page shows what houses the ruler of each house has to occupy and what person it will then signify for each Rising Sign.

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  • The table took a lot of time to construct, but will make it easier for someone not familiar with this approach to apply these principles. Look for example at the planet that represents yourself in your chart by first finding your Ascendant, and then looking to see which planet signifies you which will always be the ruler of the Ascendant , and then notice what houses it has to be in to become the primary significator of you.

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    If it is in one of these houses, then everything about that planet in your natal chart its strength, aspects, house, sign, etc. The Effects upon Primary Significators. Any aspect to the primary significator affects the person or life theme greatly. Any major transit to the primary significator will similarly affect the person or life theme signified either directly things get better or worse or their relationship with the native.

    The condition of the significator e. Both Venus and the 7 th house are descriptors of relationship themes. If a person has a Venus that is also the ruler of the 7 th house which gives it a double influence upon relationship , then anything affecting Venus will impact relationship themes.

    So if — condition A above — Saturn is tightly conjunct Venus, then Saturnian themes will infuse relationships, such as having an unavailable partner, delayed partnership, a depressed partner, a very serious, fearful, or inhibited partner, etc.

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    Or — condition B above — if the person's natal Venus is squared by transiting Pluto, relationship will undergo very deep changes or even end. And this would most likely not happen if Venus were not the lord of the 7 th house. Or - condition C above — if Venus is exalted in the chart, the person will have exalted partners, i.

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    • All of this finally brings us back to the title of this essay, Why Mom Fell, and how my mother's fall inspired me to write this article. If a chart does have a primary significator for a specific life theme or person, then there are fewer chart factors that need to be transited simultaneously for a life theme or person to be greatly impacted.

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      So it becomes highly unlikely that a single transit will affect all of these factors. But if the ruler of the 4 th house occupies the 4 th house, then a transit affecting it or it and the Moon, significator of mother with impact the mother's life greatly, and since there are only one or two planets to consider, this is much more likely to occur. In my chart, that is the case. My Moon is in the 4 th house, and is therefore the primary significator of mother, and so any transits to the Moon will doubly affect her.

      Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS)

      But in fact my chart had "a perfect storm", i. On the fateful day, transiting Saturn conjuncted my natal Mars, the ruler of my 4 th house, but because Saturn was also two houses behind the Moon therein, by Vedic aspects, it also aspected my Moon, the primary significator of Mother. And within two days of Saturn entering the first degree before Mars, my Mom fell and cracked her pelvis.

      This really woke me up to the importance of focusing on the places in any chart where life themes can easily be impacted multiple times.

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      Further Examples. Note: in Vedic astrology, the forward sextile of Saturn is a preeminently powerful aspect even if the orb is wide by Western astrology standards. Saturn becomes the Primary Significator of children in Paul Newman's chart because it aspects both the 5 th house and the significator of children Jupiter. Saturn the significator of disease and sins, when told to give good health and character to a person, becomes very uncomfortable in 1st House. Rahu the planet of cheating, deceit, irreligiousness when told to contribute to the righteousness dharma guru, and temple religious place etc becomes very uncomfortable with the work.

      But one must do his karma no matter what the situation is, so must all planets do in a chart. Consequently, following important things happen:. When a planet is trapped in a house he hates and he is told to do something repeatedly he abhors, he becomes very disturbed and continues to do and behave according to his basic nature. Consequently, at the very core, the planet behaves negatively for the house it is placed in i.

      So every planet depending upon its inherent nature reacts differently. Natural benefic like Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury behave in a somewhat kind way but all do some bad to the house where they are placed in MKS. Sun is the King and gives work to all in the society.

      Sun is also the giver of wealth in the form of 12 Adityas he gives us everything.

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