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Solar System Maps. Which sign is that planet in right now? Venus enters Sagittarius at Mars in Libra. Mars enters Scorpio at Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter enters Capricorn at Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn enters Aquarius at Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Physical appearance, traits and characteristics. First impressions. General outlook into the world. Beginnings and initiatives. Material and immaterial things of certain value. Belongings, property, acquisitions. Cultivation and growth. Higher education and childhood environment.

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Neighbourhood matters. Short, local travel and transportations. Ancestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment.

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Mother or mothers as figure. The caretaker of the household. Cyclic end of matters. Recreational and leisure activities. Things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Love and sex. Creative self-expression. Routine tasks and duties.

Skills or training acquired. Jobs and Employments. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. Pets and small domestic animals. Close, confidante-like relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements and treaties. Matters dealing with diplomatic relations of all kinds, including open known enemies. Attraction to qualities we admire from the other partner.

Cycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person's resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Foreign travel and foreign countries. Long distance travels and journeys. Law and ethics. Higher education. Experience through expansion. Status in society. Father or father figure. The breadwinner of the household. Friends and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. Groups, clubs and societies.

Higher associations. Benefits and fortunes from career. One's hopes and wishes. Just as love has to have a purpose for these folks, so does everything they purchase—they will never buy something just for the thrill of spending money. Lastly, a water Venus is the most emotional when it comes to love.

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Their money tends to go to items that help them feel more relaxed or items for the home. Mars Mars tells a lot about how a person expresses anger and aggression. It explains why some people are more assertive, while others tend to flee from confrontation.

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Their temper flares up quickly, but usually disappears just as fast. The fiery nature of Mars is significantly toned down when it falls in a water sign though. People with a water Mars may experience trouble standing up for themselves and are not the type to come across as intimidating. Their arguments can often turn tearful. Mars in an air sign makes for a good debater and they prefer to dominate through their words, while an Earth Mars is slow to anger and will only grow aggressive when continually provoked.

How your Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus signs are all affecting your personality. Your zodiac sign is only a part of the full picture. Who Knew? Next post: How your Venus sign affects your love life. Recent Posts How your Venus sign affects your love life Is your horoscope off? Your impulse to make life better for others leads you to roles of helping and healing.

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You're a do-er, and find it hard to just hang out. A quest for purity, wholeness and self-improvement keeps you on task. Your high standards and critical edge can drive others crazy. You get irked around careless people, or colleagues that try to take short cuts.

mars astrological sign Mars astrological sign
mars astrological sign Mars astrological sign
mars astrological sign Mars astrological sign
mars astrological sign Mars astrological sign
mars astrological sign Mars astrological sign
mars astrological sign Mars astrological sign

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