Scorpio horoscope for march 26

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They are to fall in love, passionately and intimately enough to learn, grow, and manifest through their opposing sign of Libra. Tender energies reside in the planetary row of those born on the 26th of March, as if their gentle inner feelings are meant to become a foundation for the raw energy of their Sun sign.

Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, March - VICE

They are obviously all about love and pleasures of life, ready to find satisfaction in the course of their lifetime. Main weaknesses of such a setting hide in the lack of self-worth and gratitude, and this is something they need to work on. Respect and pride won't be enough to give color and inspiration to their lives.

Once they absorb emotions and connect with another person using all of their most sensitive sides, the battle for power will inevitably begin as they search for the middle ground with those who are truly different from them. Accepting that different perspectives give different attitudes and opinions, they will realize that they have just enough love for everyone that enters their life to understand them deeply.

When they find middle ground with another person, they will find the balance of their own inner battle and swim out finally free from ties that held them down. The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on March 26th of a leap year, and two years following it:. The dance of two different shapes, these symbols tell an interesting story about how one new perspective shines a light on a problem and helps grounding.

The triangle is a shape ruled by Jupiter and this makes it sensitive to high altitudes that one has difficulty coming down from, while the square brings electricity into all things as it is in connection to Uranus. Interestingly, all digits combined give the number eleven that speaks of Uranus, but its role seems to be in a way hidden. It is a story of new perspectives that usually come from the contact one has with other people and in a group. The main objective of every person born on the 26th of March is in the mission of love, for oneself and all others, and in forgiveness, deep and profound.

As they develop compassion and true understanding for those who stand in front of them, they will find more and more satisfaction in their life's course. In the end, all members of their family are to be exonerated and saved by pure love, no matter if it is perceived as Divine and spiritual or as grounded and obvious. This is, invariably, a testing time for you, and the current year has seen your normal difficulties exacerbated by the strange and seductive movements of Mercury and Venus through curious regions of your chart.

Decisive aspects over the next couple of weeks urge you to reach final conclusions and decisions, yet the continuing secretive chord struck by your planets advises you against going public too soon.

Welcome to Pisces season, little scorpion!

The fact that Neptune tends to boost your emotional sensitivity is very welcome. There is absolutely no excuse for continuing with activities which encourage poor diet or a lack of exercise. It is most likely professional relationships which are benefiting from current celestial aspects, and tensions in your private life should ease. There is much that you can do to improve the situation.

Sabian Symbol

You can start by getting other people on your side. Your dreams have always been important to you, perhaps more so than the material ambitions which motivate many people around you.

Aries let go of formalities and let your guards down. Try to be relaxed in your skin and comfortable with the processes along the way. Taurus, freedom to be yourself is yours.

What March's Scorpio Horoscope Means for You

Things fall into place and situations seem all most too good to be true. Gemini, trust builds up with a partner or loved ones and sets you in a place of authority. Serious effort has proved to be positive, but right now isn't time to stop. There's a little work left to do. Leo, someone or information comes to you and helps you to find the loophole to solving a problem. Have hope. Virgo, a new situation that's not like any you've encountered leaves you wondering who to talk to.

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  • Libra, you need to be patient today, but you also don't want to turn a blind eye on what is there. Sagittarius, discernment comes after working through denial. Make a list of fears and wants to help move this process faster.

    scorpio horoscope for march 26 Scorpio horoscope for march 26
    scorpio horoscope for march 26 Scorpio horoscope for march 26
    scorpio horoscope for march 26 Scorpio horoscope for march 26
    scorpio horoscope for march 26 Scorpio horoscope for march 26
    scorpio horoscope for march 26 Scorpio horoscope for march 26
    scorpio horoscope for march 26 Scorpio horoscope for march 26
    scorpio horoscope for march 26 Scorpio horoscope for march 26
    scorpio horoscope for march 26 Scorpio horoscope for march 26
    Scorpio horoscope for march 26

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