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Hello James, nice question you have for us! You indeed have a final dispositor as you have no mutual receptions in your chart, otherwise you cannot have a final dispositor as you probably know in your chart. This is a relatively rare thing to have and highly significant in a chart, as is a "high-focus" planet, which you also have, and this is Neptune as he is the handle of a Bucket pattern.

Neptune is also a high focus planet because it receives most aspects. Saturn, your final dispositor is furthermore elevated 9th house which adds to his importance. I would give the final dispositor more weight than the fairly weakly placed Venus. Being in a critical degree and in the 12th house she is certainly much weaker than Saturn, elevated and in own sign and dispositor of all that is happening in your chart.

Saturn is truly the boss here because he also pushes Venus further back into a corner. She you actually is already quite reclusive, not very outgoing there in 12, clearly not happy in Aries in that critical degree and on top of that Saturn causes her to keep her mouth shut even more so. However, this could change over time as by progression, Venus indeed enters her own dignified sign, gaining strength and Saturn, after all, is retrograde pulling back out of the square. It is very difficult from your chart here, to see of course in which degrees the planets are situated. If I am not mistaken, you also have a square from Mars to your Ascendant which is not shown here.

You seem to be a very sensitive person and with Neptune in your 6th house, most probably have healing qualities. You could heal others because you know what it is to have been emotionally hurt Moon conj.

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With Saturn as final dispositor, you will be able to constructively bring these energies together in a profession. After all Saturn is in the house of the higher mind and meditation could be one of the methods for focussing energy. Cheers, Starlink.

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You have Tau on the ASC but Venus is very weak here, in a late degree in the 12th house, squared by a powerful final dispositor Saturn. The Node is trine Venus however, which leads me to believe that the goal in this life is to transfer the power of Saturn to Venus, by incorporating the energies of this 5th house where the Node is. In other words, find a profession or way of life that involves 5th house activities and bring that Venus back to the forefront.

The Node and 5th house are in Virgo and Mercury is very well placed and strong, even though in Pisces but trine Neptune and the Moon. I see that the Moon is actually the final dispositor for Venus, so whatever you do must be emotionally satisfying. The Moon is conjunct Chiron, so something that assuages the childhood past would be good. Last edited by mdinaz; at AM. Dear EJ, Wow! And thank you!

Where to begin? First, thanks for the book recommendation. The distinction you make between the meaning of the final dispositor vs. So thanks for that, as well! This is something I hadn't considered before, but it seems to be have been borne out in the specifics of how I managed over the years to relocate to another hemisphere and establish myself professionally here.

Good call! Maybe you're more expert than you think! Thank you very much for your analysis. Dear Mdinaz, Thanks for your reply. A couple of comments: -- Right, I was born a few years before you, and my birthday is two days after yours. I saw your birthdate on your profile. So if you have a different method of deterimining dispositors, I'd be curious to know more. Using classical rulership protocol, my final dispositor is Saturn, as indicated in my original post.

The Meaning of Mutual Reception and Sole Dispositors in a Natal Birth Chart

I have a thing for Esoteric Astrology, the soul all that stuff. New around here. The strongest. Awesome So I just posted it. I accidentally posted it with transits from May 6. Hopefully its fine, if not just let me know and I will post one without the transits from may. It was the only chart I had saved on my computer. Your chart is a great example of a final dispositor, no loops, mutual receptions or other rulers. Venus in Libra is where all roads lead.

Or be experienced since it literally rules everything? Or has the final say? Still learning. Thanks much.

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Going to the root of healing…. And as Venus is ruler of 12th house… so karmic message.

I have a stong, conscious connection with my ancestral feminine line Sun on IC … and major experiences with Lilith… the abuse of the Sacred Feminine. Venus inconjuncts Black Moon Lilith. Its in my blood I can feel it… and the images and memories keep coming. And I need to for my own health and wellness. The cycle of Venus — Sun — Mercury — Venus round and round is very significant.

Fire, Earth and Air. Are my rulers Mars and Jupiter….

You are here:

Mars in Scorpio… exacting, getting to the core, rehabilitation recuperative strong. Able to rise from the ashes… penetrating focus and desire, actions poised for maimum effect. Jupiter is Sag… inspirational, expansive, seeker of Truth… ventures into the unknown, desirous of travel, adventure, growth and expansion.

Enthusiasm high, traveller… loves the open road, large spaces, travelling storyteller… gypsy. And as Mars is in his home sign Sccorpio and Jupiter in his in Sagittarius… these two would also be significant.

Mercury as dispositor of the Sun. Wondering if doing correctly! Even though I am a 12 th house Gemini I am very Venusian and yes if you asked me what would I like to be known for astrology, metaphysics, being intuitive, psychic… beauty is mega important. Creating beauty in the world…. Mars, Uranus, North Node and Pluto in 2nd house…. Kim, how else would Saturn as dispositor play out? Or more significantly how would I use it in a more positive way?

Hi Kim, How do you determine where to start for a general chart — ie what made you choose Pluto as the starting point in the example? You start anywhere you like because you will look at each planet, and Asc, individually and follow their threads. Each planet may have a different path, and that tells us something about how the planet is expressed. Can we look at your chart for an example? Yep, your trail of dispositors leads to the Mercury and Jupiter mutual reception. They link the teacher and the student, the facts and the philosophy, the present and the future, the neighborhood and the new horizons.

I hope your voice is returning. Pluto is in Libra, ruled by Venus. Venus is the dispositor of Pluto. Venus is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, Pluto is the dispositor of Venus.

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Mercury Rx means you have to explain things to me for the next 3 weeks. Although, I like doing it the worked-out way like you do it here. This "chain of dispositors" rules all the other planets, since every planet is ruled by another planet that would eventually eventually find a dispositor in this chain. Then you have the special situation when two planets dispose each other, such as Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Cancer, or Jupiter in Gemini and Mercury in Sagittarius.

It is as though the two planets feed each other, and grow stronger, for good or ill, in their ability to dominate those affairs in the chart. Finding all of these in a chart is uncommon, but finding at least 2 of these is not so rare. In my own chart I have Jupiter in Pisces as its own final dispositor, Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Cancer in mutual reception, and two other final dispositors of all the rest of my natal planets.

While this quantity of final dispositors Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all in their home signs!

So you can see that during the year when planets are in Leo, they'll have more of the qualities of the sign the Sun is in, just like when planets are in Virgo they will be more the quality of the sign s Mercury occupies. When planets are in Libra they will take on the quality of whatever sign Venus is in, and when they are in Scorpio they will take on the quality of whatever sign Mars is in. The upshot for the rest of is that Venus' influence will dominate the astrological landscape between May 15 and June 9 when it's in its home sign of Taurus.

It will be the final dispositor for all the other planets except standalone Neptune in Pisces from May 15 through June 2, after which Mercury in Gemini equally dominates the scene as final dispositor for itself and the Sun. Mercury then takes final dispositorship for all the planets between June when Venus also slips into Gemini while Mercury's still in its home sign. Once Mercury and then the Sun move into Cancer the last half of June the Moon becomes their dispositor. Since the Moon moves through the signs so quickly it speeds up the rapidly changing backdrop to events. It only becomes final dispositor of itself and other planets in Cancer when it moves through its home sign of Cancer, which doesn't happen for very long, and it will make a mutual reception with Mercury when it's in Gemini at the end of June.

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